Ways to Create a Hurricane Proof Home

When constructing your house, you need to make it as durable as possible. You must design your home to tolerate any natural calamity. Hurricane is a natural disaster that is known for its adversity. Essentially, a hurricane is a rapidly rotating storm that mostly occurs in the coastal regions. Your regular home is not made to tolerate the harsh weather conditions that accompany a hurricane. In areas prone to hurricanes, you will need to re-design your home to be able to endure the hurricane. It would be best if you built your home with durable materials. In order to construct a disaster-proof home, you need to consider the following aspects.

It would be best if you installed metal roofs on your home. Quick blasts describe the occurrence of a tornado and pressurizing power to the exterior of the house now. The average house roof is not designed for such adverse weather conditions. It is therefore recommended that you install metallic roofs to the hurricane-stricken home.

The other consideration of making your house hurricane proof is by replacing standard doors with fiberglass doors. In addition to the high-intensity winds, the flying debris can damage the wooden door making the house vulnerable to the hurricane these. A damaged door will result in structural damage to the house where water and other debris materials enter the house hence flooding it. You would need a material that is resilient to the harsh weather conditions. Hence, the fiberglass door is the best choice because of its strength and durability.

The third aspect to consider is the fitting of hurricane shutters. Due to the fragile nature of the windows, the pressure from the hurricanes can result in their damage this. Damage of the windows poses a significant danger to the occupants of the house. It is therefore imperative that you install hurricane shutters to act as a shield to the winds.

The fourth criterion to use to make your home hurricane proof is by installing impact windows. The impact windows are made of shatter-resistant glass installed in the window frame to build a strong physical shield of the pressure resulting from the high-speed wind about.

You would also want to make your house hurricane proof by fixing concrete pilings. Basically, concrete pilings are supportive structures installed underneath the house to protect it from the hurricane. Apart from acting as a supportive structure, concrete pilings are used to raise the home’s elevation learn. The water from the hurricane continuously weakens the house until it cannot sustain the cyclone anymore.

In summary, hurricanes are frequent in tropical areas; hence whenever you relocate to such a region, you will need to personalize your home to tolerate the hurricanes.

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